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At 10:09 PM +0100 2/5/01, David Marjanovic wrote:
> - well, the
 Guimarota _Archaeopteryx_ sp. teeth have microscopic serrations. I
 don't have Weigert (1995) or Zinke (1998) to hand but I do have the
 new Guimarota volume. Oliver Rauhut's chapter on the dinosaurs
 _mentions_ the serrations, but they are clearly figured in Wiechmann
 and Gloy's chapter on 'pterosaurs and urvogels'. The serrations are
 minute and only visible under SEM, but they are there (Wiechmann
 and Gloy 2000).

Oho! Dr. Feduccia?

 These chapters (which, like the whole book, are a must have) are...

 Rauhut, O. W. M. 2000. The dinosaur fauna from the Guimarota
 mine, pp. 75-82. In: Martin, T. and Krebs, B. (eds) _Guimarota - A
 Jurassic Ecosystem_. Verlag Dr. Friedrich Pfeil, Munchen. ISBN 3-

 Wiechmann, M. F. and Gloy, U. 2000. Pterosaurs and urvogels from
 the Guimarota mine. In: Martin, T. and Krebs, B. (eds), pp. 83-86.

Like most good academic books these days, it is offensively expensive
> and unavailable to you unless you're on an obscene salary.

Interlibrary loan - we don't buy these books, most of us. Use the system where ever you are. IF it is in print, you can get it - just maybe not today.
For instance: The Ohio State University Orton Geological Library gets 3000 geologically related periodicals. Annually. Some publications, as you know, come weekly and some come with less frequency, such as the publications of all 50 state geological surveys, etc. Some things that exceed 100 years in age are in archives but you can get them within 24 hours. The rare book room even contains an original copy of "De Rey Metallica", amazing. My alumni money goes there - Mrs. Brown can tell you what *shelf* the volume that you are looking for is on and what color the binding is. They don't pay the woman enough.

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