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Re: _T. rex_ debate in the newspaper

Dan Varner questioned:
< One thing about this puzzles me. Does anyone know how Horner answers
Carpenter's evidence of the healed bite on the Edmontosaur at Denver? Or has
he? It never comes up in the stories I've read. Also, what other animals were
doing the killing for Tyrannosaurus to scavenge? Has anyone asked him? DV. >

To which Kevin Padian replies:  < To answer Dan's
question, neither Jack nor I has seen Ken's specimen or his
publication.  Jack showed slides of a number of damaged hadro tails
that could have been caused by nearly anything.  We'd agree that it
would be good to find tooth marks and hopefully embedded teeth, and I
think that in our field it's good to find repeated examples before
accepting anything as a phenomenon.  Overall I'm quite sympathetic,
as most are, to the idea that T.rex scavenged, but I don't think
exclusively, and I'm not persuaded by Jack's arguments anymore than
he is by the alternative, because we don't have really definitive
criteria for either predation or scavenging (let alone exclusively!). >

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