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Re: Tucson

Rob Gay wrote-

> Incidentaly, if anyone wants to see a few pictures I snapped in Tuscon,
> they're on my webpage, at:
> http://www.geocities.com/elvisimposter/tuscon.html
> There are two pics of a new oviraptosaur, one pic of an _Albertosaurus_,
> one pic of _Monolophosaurus_.

Wow!  Where did that caenagnathid come from and how much is real?!  I've
heard of a new caenagnathid skull from North America.  Is that it?  The
"Rinchenia"-like crest looks so spectacular I'm wary of it all being
hypothetical.  If even a small portion of that skeleton is real, it's sale
would be an incredible loss to science.

Mickey Mortimer