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WWD Big Al Spoilers...

<Spoiler Alert!!!>

Well, Big Al has just come and gone in Western Oz...

What can I say...I loved it! All in all the effects have improved, in
particular the transition between CGI and real-life puppetry is a lot
smoother than the earlier series.

The allosaurs have undergone a huge facelift over the Carnotaurus-headed
examples in Time of the Titans (ToT). The hornlets have been reduced in
size and are now anterior to the orbits as opposed to being right above
them. Twin nasal ridges have also been grafted on. The teeth look more
stout and shorter (those in ToT look like they're wearing viperfish
dentures) while the skin texture looks more detailed.

Pretty much the entire cast of ToT has returned (Diplodocus, Brachiosaurus,
Stegosaurus, Anurognathus, Ornitholestes, hypsilophodontids). New faces
include Apatosaurus (bulky diplodoci with spotted patterns and without the
dorsal spines) whilst the nameless small ornithopods of ToT have developed
into Othnielia (blue-faced Leaellynasaura) and Dryosaurus (banded,
long-necked Leaellynasaura). The hatchling allosaurs (before you ask, no
feathers) seem to be the only totally new critters CGI modelwise.

Oddly enough, Anurognathus is no longer depicted as an obligate oxpecker

Favourite sequence: The running battle with the migrating Diplodocus herd.

Pet peeve: I was really looking forward to the stegosaur amour
sequence...just to see how they were actually going to acheive it!