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Re: SPECULATION: pterosaur extinction versus bird survival

Here's another interesting bit from another source (sorry, I forget the url)

Atomic bombs and ocean impacts

                    The largest aboveground H-bomb test by the United States
                    was like a firecracker compared to an asteroid impact. That
                    "Bravo" explosion at Bikini Atoll in 1954 was equivalent to
                    fifteen megatons (million tons) of TNT but was only about
                    one-thousandth of the energy of a 500-yard asteroid moving 

                    50,000 mph.
                    ............................................, a
500-yard-diameter asteroid is
                    predicted to generate a water crater nearly 3 miles in
                    At a distance of 10 miles from "ground zero" the resulting
                    deepwater tsunami will be about 200 yards high, but by the
                    time the wave has travelled 100 miles it will be reduced to 

                    height of about 14 yards. After 1,000 miles it will have
                    to less than 1 yard in height. Due to the amplification in
                    water, however, this size tsunami could still become a
                    wave at a vulnerable shore.

>From memory (don't hold me to this, check it for yourself -- I may be
misquoting), the Eltarin impact energy was estimated to have been about 100
thousand megatons (6.6 times more energy than described here), and the Chixulub
impact was estimated to have been about 100 million megatons (6600 times more
energy).  This may not have been enough energy to do any substantial harm, but I
don't think I'd have wanted to stand around on the shore and watch any of these
waves come in.


Jeff Hecht wrote: