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Re: new NA oviraptorosaur(was R: Tucson)

To answer you and Mickey...
Is that "Caenagnathid" an actual specimen??<
The mount is the combination of two seperate skeletons, found (judging from the photo present) about 50 yards apart. Mickey asked about the skull, and I think at least some of it is real. The crest seems different than what I've seen of _Oviraptor philoceratops_, and it lacks the two small teeth that _O._ has.

In this case, do you have some more info about it<
Here's what I know. It's about the size of _Dilophosaurus_, with a slightly smaller tail. The last three tail verts are fused together. I believe it was found in either Kansas or Oklahoma. They refer it to _Chirostenotes_, but I don't know enough about oviraptors to say if that's acurate or not. Fortunately, the company that is selling it apparently documented the whole thing very well. Unfortunately, it is being sold, and something that is this important, in my opinion, should really go to a museum.

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