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RE: new NA oviraptorosaur(was R: Tucson)

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> Rob Gay
> To answer you and Mickey...
> >Is that "Caenagnathid" an actual specimen??<
> The mount is the combination of two seperate skeletons, found
> (judging from
> the photo present) about 50 yards apart. Mickey asked about the
> skull, and I
> think at least some of it is real. The crest seems different than
> what I've
> seen of _Oviraptor philoceratops_, and it lacks the two small teeth that
> _O._ has.

>From what I've seen of the skull, there is a fair amount of restoration, but
the crest seems real (at least in part).  As for the palatal "teeth": I am
not certain if the palate has been found for this puppy.  However, the Royal
Ontario Museum of _Chirostenotes_ described by Sues in JVP in 1997 DOES seem
to have these prongs, and the maxillary fragment seems to match the maxilla
of this new skull very well.  The mandible of the new specimen is very
similar to other slender _Caenagnathus_ material.

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