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  I'm going to have to second Darren's motion regarding DinoPress.
  This is THE BEST magazine involving prehistoric life.  It is a mix of
popular culture and hard science.  If you are an artist it is a MUST. 
In fact, issue two has an article by my talented friend Gary Staab on
sculpting a life sized Jobaria head and neck.
  I own all the previous Dino Frontline series and they proved to be
invaluable reference for me.  In fact, I usually browse through them
first when I start a project because I know that I'll find reference in
there that will not show up in any popular books.
  They are available through Black Hills Institute's website.

David Krentz

rren.naish@port.ac.uk wrote:
> Have just seen vols. 1 and 2 of _Dino Press_, a new Japanese
> magazine that looks kind of like a relaunched version of Dino-
> Frontline (but isn't I suppose). I can't recall if anyone has given a
> rundown of the contents (George?) but it's pretty impressive stuff. Vol.
> 2 has Luis art on the cover, a SAPE report, an article on
> _Charonosaurus_ by George (with Tracy's skeletal reconstruction),
> incredibly detailed photos of the fantastic 'headless wonder/not an
> allosaur' and all of the skeletal figs from Kellner and Tomida's recent
> _Anhanguera piscator_ monograph. Obviously the text's in Japanese
> but they provide an accompanying English translation as a separate
> booklet!
> Anyway, the main reason I'm writing this is because it also features
> Luis' writeup of SVP 2000 (Mexico) and consequently has photos
> featuring some list members. Pete Buchholz makes it into at least three
> of the photos (apparently wearing the same clothes as when I saw him
> in 1999), Mary Kirkaldy sneaks into the background of another and
> Scott Hartmann and Tracy Ford make in into others. There's also a
> photo of Nick Longrich's poster on alvarezsaurids as 'aardraptors', it
> looks pretty impressive.
> So _Dino Press_ is definitely worth getting hold of.
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