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Re: new NA oviraptorosaur(was R: Tucson)

In a message dated 2/6/01 12:39:19 PM EST, tholtz@geol.umd.edu writes:

<< >From what I've seen of the skull, there is a fair amount of restoration, 
 the crest seems real (at least in part).  As for the palatal "teeth": I am
 not certain if the palate has been found for this puppy.  However, the Royal
 Ontario Museum of _Chirostenotes_ described by Sues in JVP in 1997 DOES seem
 to have these prongs, and the maxillary fragment seems to match the maxilla
 of this new skull very well.  The mandible of the new specimen is very
 similar to other slender _Caenagnathus_ material. >>

What I can see of the pelvis looks remarkably similar to the pelvis I helped 
Gilles Danis and Phil Currie dig out of Dinosaur Provincial Park in 1979. I'd 
say this is a Chirostenotes (=Macrophalangia, =Caenagnathus). Can't wait for 
Tracy to get back from Tucson; he'll certainly have photos of this one. Both 
Tracy and Luis Rey gave Chirostenotes a nice cranial crest, also 
shorter-than-usual theropod tail, in their life restorations of Chirostenotes 
several years ago.