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Re: _T. rex_ debate in the newspaper

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Date: Monday, February 05, 2001 8:07 AM
Subject: Re: _T. rex_ debate in the newspaper

>To forestall those who will write to say that the url was split, try this
>which should work if you copy and paste it into your browser.

>From the San Francisco Gate article:

Teeth Scavenger theorists contend that the rounded shape of the teeth -
combined with its powerful jaws - was designed for crushing the bones of
carcasses and getting to the meat in less accessible places. Other
dinosaurs, like Velociraptor, had flat, knife-like teeth more suited to
predatory attacks, they say.

Couldn`t T rex`s mode of attack involve biting through the neck vertebrae of
it`s victims? Wouldn`t these type of teeth be >necessary< for such a
proceedure? Would Velociraptor, or even Utahraptor teeth have sufficed ?