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In a message dated 2/6/01 11:34:45 AM EST, darren.naish@port.ac.uk writes:

<< Have just seen vols. 1 and 2 of _Dino Press_, a new Japanese 
 magazine that looks kind of like a relaunched version of Dino-
 Frontline (but isn't I suppose). I can't recall if anyone has given a 
 rundown of the contents (George?) but it's pretty impressive stuff. Vol. 
 2 has Luis art on the cover, a SAPE report, an article on 
 _Charonosaurus_ by George (with Tracy's skeletal reconstruction), 
 incredibly detailed photos of the fantastic 'headless wonder/not an 
 allosaur' and all of the skeletal figs from Kellner and Tomida's recent 
 _Anhanguera piscator_ monograph. Obviously the text's in Japanese 
 but they provide an accompanying English translation as a separate 
 booklet! >>

My website has information about how to order these magazines; I'll be 
putting up a scan of the cover of #2 shortly. I just sent off my column on 
Microraptor for #3 two days ago.