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Re: new NA oviraptorosaur(was R: Tucson)

> Here's what I know. It's about the size of _Dilophosaurus_, with a
> smaller tail. The last three tail verts are fused together.

Hahaaaaaa... =8-)

> I believe it was
> found in either Kansas or Oklahoma. They refer it to _Chirostenotes_, but
> don't know enough about oviraptors to say if that's acurate or not.

AFAIK the known specimens of *C.* are adult and much smaller.

This beast at least makes a good candidate for the egglayer of
*Macroelongatoolithus* (ornithoid eggs 38 cm long, China and USA).

> Fortunately, the company that is selling it apparently documented the
> thing very well. Unfortunately, it is being sold, and something that is
> important, in my opinion, should really go to a museum.