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This is long overdue...I would  like to  second Darren,  George and
David and invite everyone to purchase the excellent new Japanese
publication "Dino Press". They are already collectors' items. The first
number include meticulously detailed, artfully drawn diagrams of U.S.
Museums dinosaur halls that you have to see to believe it... only the
legendary dedication of the Japanese can do something like this!
And if the first number was good, I think the second is even better.
The printing is really good and the articles are imaginative and
informative. This is a publication that really deserves our support.

I have a direct link in my rather neglected website.
Big news is that No. 3 is in production right now and will include
George's superb article on Microraptor. It will also include the second
part of the SVP article... Paleoadventures in the North of Mexico
Dinosaur Graveyards.

And for all concerned people: everybody looks very handsome in the SVP
photographs(including the apatosaur-sized hadrosaur femur head from
Coahuila)  ... don't worry!

So don't miss it!

Luis Rey

Visit my website on http//:www.ndirect.co.uk/~luisrey