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Re: new NA oviraptorosaur(was R: Tucson)

If I recall correctly, HP Thomas Holtz suggested several months ago that Chirostenotes was perhaps the egglayer of *Continuoolithus* eggs (also ornithoid, but I'm not sure how long those eggs were supposed to be).
Hopefully the embryonic remains associated with Continuoolithus eggs will be identified in the near future, and shed more light on this subject. I know, I know----"wait for the paper"---but if I have to wait 10 years to find out I am going to be climbing the walls and very irritated.
------Ken :-(
"David Marjanovic wrote:
AFAIK the known specimens of *C[hirostenotes].* are adult and much smaller.

This beast at least makes a good candidate for the egglayer of *Macroelongatoolithus* (ornithoid eggs 38 cm long, China and USA).

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