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Re: The birds vs. the pterosaurs

I still haven't had time to do more research on "bird-brains", theropod brains or pterosaur brains, but it is my understanding that it is the cerebellum (not the cerebrum) which controls most of the "mechanics of flight", and that the cerebellum of Archaeopteryx expands up and forward over the rest of the brain. It seems like I once read something similar occurs in the brains of pterosaurs (but not sure).
Maybe when Chris Brochu returns to the list, he will have something to say about how the cerebellums (cerebella?) of theropods (especially maniraptors) compare to those of these flighted forms.
-----Ken Kinman
P.S. I thought the same thing about wasps stinging dinosaurs----doesn't sound like that fellow "thought that through" very thoroughly. Maybe he thinks the blood pressure of the dinosaur would force the blood up the wasp's stinger and into its body. <snicker>
Ronald Orenstein wrote:
There is absolutely no way to determine this, of course, although I have never heard that their [pterosaur] brains were particularly large (though I assume they have large optic lobes, and would certainly needed pretty good higher brain functions to control the mechanics of flight. That certainly isn't the same as intelligence, though.

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