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RE: The birds vs. the pterosaurs

I'm doing some more idle yet fevered musing.

From: Larry Febo (Tuesday, February 06, 2001 9:20 AM):

>As for pterosaurs, by the end of the cretaceous, the 
>only existing ones were large, fish eating species, 
>near the top of the food chain, and thus hit very hard. 

This seems to be an odd situation where a terrestrial animal (pterosaur) is
at the top of the aquatic food chain.

It reminds me of a scene from Walking With Dinosaurs, when a plesiosaur (or
was it a mosasaur--I don't remember) reached up and captured a theropod.
Thus, this aquatic animal was clearly at the top of the terrestrial food
chain.  Actually, I didn't like that hypothesis at all.

Back to pterosaurs.  I figured the pterosaurs that survived to the end of
the Cretaceous, which were flying eaters of fish and therefore dependent on
sight for finding food, simply couldn't see anything to catch in an
environment where the brightest light intensity was only a fraction of that
of the full moon.