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Re: Dinosaur DNA

What would the procedure be to isolate the DNA from what a midge ate?
Surely we would have to open up the amber tomb of that little fella, then
pull it out and dissect it--you know, teasing apart its gut to isolate the
stomach from kidneys, liver, heart, etc.  Then we could identify some blood
as not of the midge and get just a sample for our analysis?  

How many insects have been removed from amber?  Or, how many have had their
internal anatomy analyzed in detail even if still stuck in the stuff?  Have
digestive and nervous systems been traced out, perhaps, based on the remains
in the amber?  This whole scenario sounds like some sort of joke.  Yes, "in
theory" it could be done, but let's get realistic.

If we succeed and find a DNA sequence to compare, how would we really know
it was from a dinosaur?  Maybe it would resemble the sequence in some bird
(OK, an avian dinosaur!).  Well, then how would we know that the midge
didn't bite some bird?