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Re: new NA oviraptorosaur(was R: Tucson)

I will try to get permission to print the skeletal reconstruction I rendered of the caenagnathids. I can say that enough of the crest and beak are real that the shape is not in much doubt. The palate I'm less sure about. Although I'm sure the owner would like it to be a new taxa, I'd wager my lucky Cope's Pick that it is Chirostenotes (can't elaborate at the momment). I'd also wager that it will group with Nomingia, amoung other reasons, based on the ventral flange on the anterior dorsals/posterior cervicals. Tom is right that there are two specimens, between them virtually the entire skeleton is known.


P.S. I suppose this could start another discussion on the ethics of private collecting, so let me state that I have absolutely no financial stake in these specimens. Zero. And I personally never will have a financial stake in any fossil specimen. Prostituting myself for information though, that's another thing...
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