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Crocodilian v Avian looks

Waylon wrote:

> I regard dinosaurs as a peculiar mix of
> basal archosaur and bird characteristics. The only
> reason I brought this up is because so many artists
> when trying to flesh-out dinosaurs seem to choose
> bird-like features if given a choice. How many
> theropods have you seen with crocodilian-like heads in
> paintings (excluding spinosaurs)?

I agree. As far as I remember, skin impressions of Carnotaurus indicate
quite a crocodilian look with interesting patters of scales around the eyes
and mouth.

With this in mind, I though you might be interested to see my own
reconstructions because I favour the crocodilion look for animals such as

I warn you that I am only an enthusiastic amateur, so I'm sure my images
won't stand up to too much scrutiny from your knowledgable selves. :o)




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