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Re: SPECULATION: pterosaur extinction versus bird survival

Someone (the original citation is lost) wrote --

> Yeah, [pterosaurs] had an efficient breathing system--but notice I
> said "less efficient...than birds."  I say this for several reasons.
> One is the neck itself.  Pterosaurs have notoriously small bodies
> and very long necks."

Please excuse my naivety, but is it possible that Pterosaur lungs were
arranged radically differently from those of birds and other
dinosaurs?  When I look at pterosaurs.net's skeletal reconstruction of
_Quetzalcoatlus_ (http://www.pterosaurs.net/Quetzalcoatlus.html) I
can't help thinking that all that neck space is wasted if they are
built at all like modern animals.  But what if the lungs were partly
in the neck itself?  Or less radically, perhaps the tubing from the
mouth to the lungs proper could absorb some of the oxygen en route?

Is this just stupid?  Go on, tell me -- I can take it :-)

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