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Re: Did Osborn Goof? [was Re: Dinosaur FAQ #8]

>   Jaw mechanics are not clear in oviraptorids. Barsbold (1977)
> has been the only comparative analysis of the skull and
> braincase relationships, Smith's 1992 analysis in _Neues
> Ja[h]rbuch_ is based on the holotype but that skull has a much more
> poorly preserved braincase and eroded palatal surfaces than does
> the specimens Barsbold had at his disposal. If anyone is
> interested, I can make this paper (Barsbold, 1977) available to
> scrutiny, but it is in Russian.

I knew why I chose Russian in school! Can I have a scan? :-)

As long as nothing sure is published (good luck for your study), I'll
suggest molluscivory, because lots of water snails are reported from
Mongolian oviraptorid-yielding sediments... and what about those "wading
adaptations" in the feet of *Chirostenotes*?