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Re: _T. rex_ debate in the newspaper

> .."would have broken it`s teeth." Are you sure about this??? I thought
> vertebrae of Sauropods were highly pneumaticized . I was wondering (and
> hoping for a response by some T-rex expert) if there  was some
> between the length of T-rex`s teeth and what it could have dispatched in
> this manner. Perhaps there was some type of an "arms race" between
> and tyrannosaurs in this matter. Perhaps T-rex could only dispatch smaller
> immature sauropods in this way, and only sick and old sauropods that
> exhaustion couldn`t hold their heads high, and exposed the neck in the
> region perhaps allowing for decapitation (again, I`m thinking of all those
> sauropod fossils with missing skulls). I`m not familiar though with the
> specific measurements ie. diameter of neck vertebrae vs length of
> tyrannosaur teeth. (I could look into this , but was hoping for a "quick
> answer"...8^).

If I'm correct there weren't mnay sauropods around for _Tyrannosaurus rex_
to hunt.  _Alamosaurus sanjuanensis_  is the most prominent one that comes
to mind, and it is found in the lower reaches of _T. rex_ territory, as far
as fossils tell us.  _T. rex_ coexisted with _Triceratops horridus_ and lots
'o hadrosaurs.  I would gues that they are the primary food sources.  To my
knowledge, no _T. rex_ tooth marks have been found on _A. sanuanensis_, or
any other sauropod.  _T. rex_ teeth marks (and teeth) have been found
associated with hadrosaurs (_E. annectens_, anyone?) and _T. horridus_.

Peace out, Demetrios Vital