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Horner and T-rex

Was reading the discussions of the mechanical Trex on
VRTPALEO - can't remember if it made it on this list - and
saw this quote from Horner in the quote from the NY Times

"T-rex lived about 65 to 68 million years ago in what is
now western
North America, Horner said.

It could run up to 25 mph on its three-clawed feet, and
tore into
its prey with 50 serrated teeth, each 6 inches long.
included duckbilled dinosaurs, triceratops and other
creatures, and T-rex's digestive system had no problem with
of bone and horn."

I'm especially interested in the term prey used here by
Jack. Does the term prey - rather than dead, bloated,
killed-by-someone else carcass - imply that Jack thinks Trex
killed these guys? Sure sounds like it. I will call Jack
sometime soon on other matters and will ask him what his
current opinion on Trex as a hunter/chomper is as opposed to
obligate scavenger.

Just a thought,

Ralph Chapman

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