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Re: Vertebrae Biting was Re: _T. rex_ debate in the newspaper

> Modern lions (according to a now out of print book "The Tribe of Tiger")
> dispatch their prey by finding the space between two vertebrae with their
> assumes) sensitive teeth and biting down. This kills the prey by severing
> spinal cord.  No bone biting or crushing is involved.
> The next question, then, would be if there is any evidence of nerves
> to T. rex teeth?

Teeth (dentine) are sensitive enough for feeling the texture of what they
are biting on. Try with your own ones!

On the other hand, *T. rex* probably didn't rely on such precision, it
didn't have lengthened canines. The meanwhile classical hypothesis -- it cut
out a huge wound to immobilize its prey -- is quite plausible to me.