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Big Al's 'Bod

"The Ballad of Big Al" finally aired down here in Oz on Tuesday night
(with "The Making of..." next Tuesday). The sauropod harrassment (not
really a "hunt") scene was great, but as with the WWD series the animals
seemed to weigh nothing as they ran (instead skipping across the ground
like rocks across water). However I have another question in mind...

What ever happened to that delicate curve where the gastralia arc up
from the pubic boot to the ribs? Most G.S.Paul reconstructions show it,
and it was always far more aesthetically pleasing than the old skeletal
reconstructions that always showed the gastralia in a straight line from
the ribs down to the pubic boot. Has there been a swing back to the old
way of seeing things? Big Al's body looked less than eligant with a
straighter transition from pubic boot to beneath the ribs. Or am I just
loath to reject the aesthetically pleasing reconstruction despite there
being a good scientific reason against it?


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