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A Great Event in Dinosaur History and a note to Washington area Dino people

Gang -

Unbeknownst to others in the field, a momentous occasion
occurred the other night in fast Eddie's Billiard Parlor,
south of Alexandria, Virginia. Ralph E. Chapman and Linda T.
Deck (my lovely bride) - she of exhibit wonderfulness and he
of ornithischians with an attitude - destroyed the Daves -
Weishampel and Norman, they of the wimpie, theropod-fodder,
odd-chewing ornithopods - at a best of three games, 8-ball
tournament. The whole world shook as Deck/Chapman totally
destroyed them and left no prisoners.

... Well, maybe totally destroyed is a bit harsh, we
actually beat them 2 games to one but in Floridean chad
terms, that was a total massacre.

... Well, ok we won one game, they won one game and Dave
Norman scratched trying to sink the 8-ball while very much
ahead in one of the games. But a victory is a victory as
recent events have shown.

.... Well, ok Deck and Chapman pretty much started playing
at a mediocre level and then things pretty much sank to very
low levels of crapage. Luckily for us Weishampel needed no
further encouragement to sink to our low level of play. Dave
Norman, who was the only one with any actual pool playing
talent, wasn't even immune to our poor influence and,
after the environment became so heavy with bad pool mojo, he
caved in and sank the cue ball accidentally while trying to
win a game.

.... Well anyway, twas a fun night out with lots o' dino
talk and gossip. We're going to redo tomorrow night.
Hopefully, we'll put pool on hold for a while, although
with the rate of ball-sinking that went on it was tough to
actually refer to it as pool anyway.

Which leads me to my actual reason for the missive. With
the honor we have of the good Dr. Norman's presence for
this year, it suddenly has occurred to me that we now have
an amazing bounty of dinosaur types within a relatively
short drive of DC. Brett-Surman, Deck, Norman, Jabo,
Kroehler and, at times, chairperson Benson at the
Smithsonian; Holtz and the gang at UMD; Jim Clark and,
frequently visiting, Cathy Forster (his lovely bride) at GW;
and the other locals such as Ray and Tom. Then there are the
Baltimore dino people including Weishampel and Paul, and, a
longer road to Philly including Walters & Kissinger, Josh
and the gang, etc.

I was therefore thinking that we should have a gathering or
two of the old group we once called WADE - Washington Area
Dinosaur Enthusiasts - where we usually meet at someone's
house for informal discussion and abuse, massive video
viewing and MST3K-style heckling, and spontaneous product
slandering. If there are people who would be interested in
participating in such juvenile activities when we have them,
please let me know - off list because I'm sure this is
even more than some people need to know on the list. Have no
idea when we'll get around to it with Triceratops so hot
and heavy right now, but would be fun. Anyway it's nice to
have such a critical mass (emphasis at times on critical) of
dino types around here. If we become ground zero here for
some reason, it would probably set dinosaur paleontology
back at least a week or two.

TTFN - The Hustler - Ralph Chapman

Ralph E. Chapman
Applied Morphometrics Laboratory
National Museum of Natural history
ADP, EG-15  NHB, 10th & Constitution, NW
Smithsonian Institution
Washington, DC 20560-0136
(202) 786-2293, Fax: (202) 357-4122