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Re: Crocodilian vs Avian looks

> I agree. As far as I remember, skin impressions of
> Carnotaurus indicate quite a crocodilian look with 
> interesting patters of scales around the eyes
> and mouth.

Another thing that interests me are the "vascular
foramina" on the premaxilla, maxilla, and dentary.
These are really obvious, and I think Bakker suggested
they housed blood vessels which served lips. It has
also been suggested they held mechanoreceptors. Well,
you have your pick of crocdilian pacinian corpuscles
or avian herbst corpuscles in that case. Since the
herbst corpuscles are within the "meat" under a birds
bill, I don't think they make good candidates. If
theropod snouts housed pacinian corpuscles like a
croc, why not remove the lips and give them a smooth 
margin between teeth? Look at coelophysoids and
spinosaurs, do you think that big dentary/premaxillary
rosette was covered by a useless lip? If anything, I
think there is more reason to restore theropods
without lips than with them (although dromaesaurs may
be an exception). 

> With this in mind, I though you might be interested
> to see my own reconstructions because I favour the 
> crocodilion look for animals such as
> Tyrannosaurus.

Personally, I liked your illustrations....a refreshing
change for once. I drew a >sweet< Velociraptor with
crocodilian jaws and feathered temporal area....I'll
have to draw another and maybe post it on the
dinosauricon (assuming HP T. Mike Keesey approves it).
Well Gavin, I like your work, so keep it up....there
could be a future in it for you.  

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