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Volcanoes (comments on pterosaur extinction)

I don't know much about geology, but it seems likely to me that the bollide collision probably set off a lot of the volcanic activity, and that this just added insult to injury and vulcanism was of secondary importance overall.
----Two cents worth, Ken
P.S. By the way, Millelium Man was my choice for Fossil Find of the Year 2000 (not fossil find of the millenium---which would be a really difficult choice!!!).
David Marjanovic wrote:
The volcanoes -- well. There's a wonderful book from I think 1998, called
Night Comes To the Cretaceous, which says that in the Deccan, the
iridium-containing K-T boundary layer lies in the middle of a sedimentary
layer between two basalt beds, and the dinosaur fossils continue right up to
it and stop there. There were no eruptions tens of thousands of years before
and after the boundary. While global climate and suchlike was probably
affected by the volcanoes, they apparently didn't cause the K-T mass
extinction. _Basta_. =8-)

Someone wrote we have enlarged cerebella just to stay upright. In fact, they
are smaller than expected for an ape of our size -- climbing seems to
require more RAM.

BTW, off-topic: The 6-million-year-old human has been named *Millennium
ancestor* (I hope they wrote it with nn in the original...). Apparently,
there are other people than HP Ken Kinman who think this find is Most
Important Of The Millennium.

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