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RE: Volcanoes (comments on pterosaur extinction)

From: Ken Kinman (February 07, 2001 2:01 PM):
>     I don't know much about geology, but it seems likely to me that the 
bollide collision probably set off a lot of the volcanic activity, and that 
this just added insult to injury and vulcanism was of secondary importance 

I think the collision of 10 km bolide, while catastrophic in terms of the
short-term conditions required for maintenance of carbon-based life forms,
would have only the slightest effect on the Earth's lithosphere or what lies
below.  Whether it would be felt at all beneath the asthenosphere is
questionable.  Volcanism is caused by various processes mostly going on well
beneath the crust and in some cases well beneath the asthenosphere.  A tiny
little bolide collision like the one at Chicxulub is hardly going to lead to
vast outpourings of plateau basalts or even smaller-scale volcanic activity
such as at plate boundaries, because such an impact would not be capable of
changing the inner workings of the whole planet.