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Re: Crocodilian vs Avian looks

> Am I correct to guess that dinosaurs do not have a
> crocodilian scute integument because we have not 
> found any dinosaur scutes (osteoscutes) are
> bony, and would be fossilized, as they are in many
> crocodile species?

Actually, a variety of dinosaurs had croc-like scutes.
They have been recovered for many basal
ornithischians, sauropods, Ceratosaurus, Carnotaurus,
Stegosaurus (the throat), and maybe Herrerasaurus (and
lets not forget the Ankylosaurs/Nodosaurs). Hadrosaurs
and Tyrannosaurs seem to lack them and instead had
pebbly skin like some lizards (i.e. anoles, iguanas,
gila monsters, etc etc). So, when restoring
non-coelurosaurian dinosaurs I would expect to see
rows of scutes down the back and tail. I think scutes
give dinosaurs a more primeval look anyhow(which is
appealing to me), and they shouldn't be erased just so
we can make dinosaurs look more sleek.   

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