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Re: Crocodilian vs Avian looks

Waylon Rowley wrote:

Another thing that interests me are the "vascular foramina" on the premaxilla, maxilla, and dentary. These are really obvious, and I think Bakker suggested they housed blood vessels which served lips. It has
also been suggested they held mechanoreceptors. Well, you have your pick of crocdilian pacinian corpuscles or avian herbst corpuscles in that case. <
Just to play Devils Advocate, but who says they had anything in them at all? Why not just small areas that reduce weight and don't affect structural integrity. Also, I'm not sure what corpuscles or herbsts are, but, just for the sake of speculation (and perhaps showing my ignorance), could these have been scent glands? That's just speculation, and just something I'm throwing out there, regardless of what I think of the possibility.

Look at coelophysoids and spinosaurs, do you think that big dentary/premaxillary rosette was covered by a useless lip? If anything, I
think there is more reason to restore theropods without lips than with them (although dromaesaurs may be an exception).<
In most coelophysoids (with the exception of _Dilophosaurus_), the subnarital gap is very small, and would most likely be almost entirely obscured by flesh, regardless of the presence of lips.
Why would dromaeosaurs be the exception, by the way?

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