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Re: Crocodilian vs Avian looks

> >Another thing that interests me are the "vascular foramina" on the
> >premaxilla, maxilla, and dentary. These are really obvious, and I think
> >Bakker suggested they housed blood vessels which served lips. It has
> also been suggested they held mechanoreceptors. Well, you have your pick
> crocdilian pacinian corpuscles or avian herbst corpuscles in that case. <
> Just to play Devils Advocate, but who says they had anything in them at
> Why not just small areas that reduce weight and don't affect structural
> integrity. Also, I'm not sure what corpuscles or herbsts are, but, just
> the sake of speculation (and perhaps showing my ignorance), could these
> been scent glands? That's just speculation, and just something I'm
> out there, regardless of what I think of the possibility.

Well, AFAIK these grooves look damn like the ones on mammal skulls that
really contain blood vessels and nerves for the lips. Cheeks in
ornithischians are inferred the same way.

Did segnosaurs have cheeks? And prosauropods?