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Of coelophysoids and _Protoavis_

A while back, someone proposed that part of _Protoavis_ may be coelophysoid. Not having the paper, I was not able to fully comment on this. However, due to the miracle that is Interlibrary Loan, a copy landed in my hot little hands today. It is my opinion that _Protoavis_ is not composed of coelophysoid material. The premaxilla looks slightly coelophysoid, as do some of the cervicals. However, they are still quite distinct. Also, Chatterjee compares _Protoavis_ to coelophysoids, _Coelophysis_ and _Syntarsus_ at various points in his paper, showing the differences between the genera. My opinions on the paper: I like the illustrations, and the skeletal and life reconstructions. I personally think that this animal probably couldn't fly, or at least for some distances. The bones seem a bit too massive to really be efficent for flight. However, it would appear that the hands did have attachments for feathers, which is quite intersting (and cool, in my opinion). That's my take (I don't want to scoop an upcoming "Details on...", so I'll stop here).
Also, someone said that there were no photographs in the Palaeontographica paper. Endplates 1-9 are wholely photos of various parts of _Protoavis_, and the last plate is a comparison between several other genera and _Protoavis_ (also photgraphs).
My 2 1/2 cents (Don't ask where I get the half...)

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"A _Coelophysis_ with feathers?"

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