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Re: A Great Event in Dinosaur History and a note to Washington area Dino people

A Challenge? Did I hear A challenge?
I used to shoot pool four nights per week before I went back to school almost 
full time! I was even on the Bush League now Bud Light League. But I'm no 
sharkI just love the game!

>  Which leads me to my actual reason for the missive. With
>  the honor we have of the good Dr. Norman's presence for
>  this year, it suddenly has occurred to me that we now have
>  an amazing bounty of dinosaur types within a relatively
>  short drive <snip>

I have noticed this too And don't forget Dan Brinkman now down in Va as well. 
(James Madison U., I believe)
Does anyone have his new email address?

>  I was therefore thinking that we should have a gathering or
>  two of the old group we once called WADE - Washington Area
>  Dinosaur Enthusiasts 
We are one with the force Ralph! I had broached this very idea with some of 
the people you mentioned. Now perhaps, this will get the ball rolling. 
Speaking of rolling, we could have a rollling ground zero.Since Baltimore and 
wash. are nearly equidistant from the fringes of Pa. and va in which some of 
us reside, I might be able help out with the ground zeroing, or at least find 
a dingy bar we coul all imbibe at. But I'm game for whatever everyone agrees 



Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/Geological Studies