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Re: Liopleurodon size

> > from: "Walking with Dinosaurs - The Evidence"

> I've not heard of this.  What is it?  A documentary?  A book?  A
> web-site?

Its one of two Official WWD books (ignoring the actual "Walking with
Dinosaurs" book which is a literary version of the TV series and contains
only a few box-outs contributing background information).

"Walking with Dinosaurs - The Evidence" is by Dave Martill & Darren Naish.
Its an excellent read. It takes each episode and, point-by-point, justifies
their creative decisions for the series and outlines the evidence which
brought them to their decisions.

There is another book called Walking with Dinosaurs - The Facts (I think its
however, I'm not sure what the differences between these might be.


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