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Re: Liopleurodon size

> Despite my dissing the Scientific American book the other day, it does
> actually have a good artible on this very subject.  It arguest very
> persuasively from histological evidence that Sauropods and probably
> most other dinosaurs had a mammalian crowth pattern of very rapid
> growth followed by levelling off to little or no growth.  The authors
> believe that large sauropods attained their adult size in only
> ten-fifteen years.

Interestingly, while I still have the "Walking with Dinosasurs: The
Evidence" book in front of me, it has this to say:

"Sauropods appear to have grown continually throughout their life. Although
their growth rate probably slowed druing later life, this still meant  that
the oldest individuals were the lonest and heaviest."

Not very helpful, but there you have it!

ps. I'm a little confused about how this mailing list operates. Normally, by
clicking "reply" or "reply all" it appears to only be sent to one individual
on the list, and not back to the list itself, unless I got to the effort of
pasting the dinosaur@usc.edu address into the "To" field. Is this right?


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