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Mail Software Behaviour (Was: Liopleurodon size)

> Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2001 14:02:56 -0000
> From: "Gavin Rymill" <gavin@gavinrymill.com>
> ps. I'm a little confused about how this mailing list operates.
> Normally, by clicking "reply" or "reply all" it appears to only be
> sent to one individual on the list, and not back to the list itself,
> unless I got to the effort of pasting the dinosaur@usc.edu address
> into the "To" field. Is this right?

(This is off-topic, but I guess may be of interest to other people
than Gavin, so I'm copying it to the list; apologies to anyone who's
not interested.)

You're not going to like reading this, but it depends on what your
mail-reading software is and how it's configured.

The list itself sends messages out configured with a "Reply-To" line
pointing at the individual who wrote the message.  This is a strict
instruction to the mailer that this is where replies must go, and
mailers are bound to honour it (unless you, the user, explicitly
override it, of course).

However, each message to the list also carries a "To:" header pointing
to the list address itself.  Some mail-readers (for example, emacs's
M-x rmail, which is what I use) will see this and make make a "CC:"
line to the original recipient in replies, so that although the reply
is sent _to_ the original message's originator, a _copy_ goes to the
list.  Other mailers may or may not make this "CC:" line.

It looks from your email headers like you're using Outlook express.
I'm not familiar with that, so I can't comment on what it does by
default.  But most likely, buried somewhere deep inside the maze of
configuration dialogues is an option that will control whether this
happens for you.  Good luck finding it!

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