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Re: _T. rex_ debate in the newspaper

In a message dated Thu, 8 Feb 2001  6:34:45 AM Eastern Standard Time, "Steve  
Brusatte" <dinoland@lycos.com> writes:
< I don't recall this discussion on the list, but I seriously doubt that the 
elaborate crests and horns of Triceratops and its kin were used as defense 
The reporter visited our older archives (starting with 1994) to search out 
mentions of _T. rex_ predator or scavenger discussions.  He also talked quite 
extensively with H.P. Holtz.  
< Horner mentioned exactly this point in a quote from the article, but it is 
about the only part of his hypothesis that I agree with.  Larry, Dan, and 
others have brought up great points about Carpenter's _Edmontosaurus_ bone.  I 
only hope that Horner eventually does answer to these questions...>
As Kevin Padian said, Jack Horner has not examined this specimen.