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New Ceratopsian ties

Noticed that on Ebay there are some new delightfully tacky
Triceratops ties that have started to make the rounds for
cheap (<$10)- don't know what country is really generating
them but they are showing up in various places right now.
Ignoring the fact that they seem more
Chasmosaurus/Torosaurus to me, they really look like Greg
Paul from the late 80's and Luis Rey had a love child (that
would be noteworthy for other reasons) who was blindfolded
and asked to paint very colorful chasmosaurines in very
graviportal postures. They were so tacky, I picked up ties
for myself and Mike Brett-Surman. Might wear it at the
opening of the horned dinosaur section redo of the Dinosaur
Hall, here in May. Anyway, anyone who delights in an
occasional jump into dino-tacky land should keep an eye out
for them and wear 'em often. Not quite up to the ultimate
tacky standards of the Elvis tie I have next to my Elvis
clock in my lab, but is close.

Just a thought..

Ralph Chapman