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Re: Mail Software Behaviour

> (This is off-topic, but I guess may be of interest to other people
> than Gavin, so I'm copying it to the list; apologies to anyone who's
> not interested.)


> It looks from your email headers like you're using Outlook express.
> I'm not familiar with that, so I can't comment on what it does by
> default.  But most likely, buried somewhere deep inside the maze of
> configuration dialogues is an option that will control whether this
> happens for you.  Good luck finding it!

If you are using Outlook Express (like me), things are rather simple, and
there's no need to RTFM. First you make a new contact (I've called it The
Dinosaur Mailing List, as you probably see in my To: line). If you answer a
mail by clicking Reply, the original author automatically appears in the To:
line, you delete this name or address (unless you want that the author gets
your reply twice, once directly and once via the list), and type in the
first letter or more of how you have called the list until its full name
appears. If you instead click Reply All, the author and all recipients
appear in the To: line, and everyone who has got a Cc, usually
dinosaur@usc.edu, appears in the Cc: line, so unless you delete these all,
lots of people will get your reply twice (therefore I don't use Reply All).

Hope this helps!