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Re: Walking with Dinosaurs experts - (was: Liopleurodon size)

> > "Walking with Dinosaurs - The Evidence" by Dave Martill & Darren
> > Naish. There is another book called Walking with Dinosaurs - The Facts

The author Dave Martill (of Portsmouth Uni) worked mainly contributed as an
advisor on "A Cruel Sea" episode but worked through the whole show.

> don't know if you noticed, but _The Evidence_ is co-written by an HP
> (Darren Naish)


> and _The Facts_ is by someone called Mike Benton -

Professor Michael Benton of Briston Uni was indeed one of the consultants on
WwD, mainly for his work on the Triassic.

The other main people who worked on WwD (if anyone's interested) were as

Professor Kent Stevens of Orregon Uni was the chap who's done all the
computer work on figuring how flexible sauropod necks were.
Dr David Unwin (of Humboldt, Berlin) assisted with the biomechanics and
details of pterosaurs.
Dr David Norman (of Cambridge) advised on herbivore behaviour and is the
world expert on Iguanadon.
Dr Jo Wright (of Wyoming) worked on the whole series but was also an
authority on trackways.
Dr Thomas Holtz (of Maryland) is an expert on predatory dinosaurs,
particularly T rex.
Dr Ken Carpenter (of Colorado) has studied Stegosaurus and is an expert on
the Morrison Formation.


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