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Re: FAQ: Dinosaur Classification Overview

On Thu, 8 Feb 2001, Ken Kinman wrote:

>      I personally would prefer to see Herrerasauria formally recognized in
> your classification (as sister group to the rest of the theropods, i.e.
> neotheropods).  You could then have a section with a little more information
> about them, and perhaps also mention that some workers believe herrerasaurs
> are actually sister group to all other dinosaurs (not just to theropods).

Herrerasauridae (including, at least, _Herrerasaurus_, _Staurikosaurus_,
and _Chindesaurus_) is often considered wirhter the sister group to
Neotheropoda or the sister group to Dinosauria. _Eoraptor_ is always one
step out.

I would recommend doing what I do on my site: don't make sections for
paraphyletic groups like "Herrerasauria" (assuming Ken Kinman means
_Eoraptor_ and Herrerasauridae) -- just discuss them in the Theropoda (or
perhaps the Dinosauria) section. Similarly, discuss "prosauropods" (which
may or may not be monophyletic) in the Sauropodomorpha section.

Other than that, looks like a nice job. One additional comment: vernacular
forms of taxon names are not capitalized. E.g., it's "theropod", not

I think Pete Buchholz may have a comment or two when he sees how you've
translated the name "Ornithopoda" ... ;)

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