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Re: _T. rex_ debate in the newspaper

Hi All -

< Horner mentioned exactly this point in a quote from the article, but it is about the only part of his hypothesis that I agree with. Larry, Dan, and others have brought up great points about Carpenter's _Edmontosaurus_ bone. I only hope that Horner eventually does answer to these questions...>
As Kevin Padian said, Jack Horner has not examined this specimen.

Well, I think he _has_ seen it, but he's not studied it up close and personal. As for whether it has "classic" attack marks (like tooth marks or tips of broken teeth embedded in it), since I'm the once who spent all the time on the ladder putting the fake ossified tendons on the mount, I can say that they're not there. The broken spine's distal end is ugly and swollen, so there's a possibility that it healed over a tooth mark or broken tooth, but none are visible on the specimen's exterior.

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