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Dinosaur FAQ #9

Thanks to those who have contributed to the overview of dinosaur
classification, especially after my heartfelt plea for more criticism!
Now it's time for FAQ #9, which is:

        What's the difference between classification, phylogeny,
        systematics and cladistics?

I've not written anything on this subject (because I have only the
fuzziest idea what the answer is), so please send any contributions
directly to me at <mike@tecc.co.uk>

Thanks in advance,

(Administrative note: since the egroups service which hosted the
DinoFAQ mailing list has been taken over by Yahoo!, the terms of
service have changed in rather a sinister way that implies that
everything routed through there becomes Yahoo!'s property.  Until
that's straightened out, I don't want to use that list, hence my
request that replies come direct to me this time.)

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