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Re: Crocodilian vs Avian looks

Waylon Rowley said:
This got me thinking about why theropods would have such sensitive snouts.<
the mother would scoop them up in her mouth like a crocodile to help keep them warm (I would think a full grown Giganotosaurus could hold
her entire clutch/brood in the mouth.<
This is a very interesting idea, and one that I have actually thought about for some time. However, you run into problems when you reach smaller-animals, and (more improtantly), larger animals with smaller jaws (e.g. _Dilophosaurus_, _Carnotaurus_). Putting two infant _Dilophosaurus_ into the mouth of an adult would be a stetch. Even then, there would basically only be space for their feet and some of their torso, with their neck, head and tail poking out on either side of momma's jaws.

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