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Re: The birds vs. the pterosaurs

Larry Febo wrote:
> I think that the blocking of
> photosynthesis was the KEY factor. (everything else, from high winds to
> climate change was insignificant in comparison). All green vegetation was
> wiped out for a period of (probably) a couple of months....

Try several YEARS. The eruption of Krakatoa in 535 AD blocked out the
sun in most parts of the world for 18 months. In places like Siberia,
cold conditions persisted for about ten years or so. I think it's
particularly interesting that the 535 eruption has been blamed (and
probably rightly so) for the spread of bubonic plague from Africa into
Europe for the first time in recorded history.

The 535 eruption has been estimated to have been the equivalent of 2
billion Hiroshima-sized nuclear devices. Imagine how much more powerful
a large bolide impact would have been. If the dark and cold didn't get
you, starvation might, and resulting diseases almost certainly would!
Not to mention the sort of volcanic activity such a mightly wallop to
the planet might have triggered off (the 535 eruption of Krakatoa caused
sympathetic earth quakes in the Mediterranean).


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