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2001 A. Watson Armour Symposium

(Posted for Chris Brochu)

The Field Museum is pleased to announce the 2001 A. Watson Armour Symposium:  
The Paleobiology and Phylogenetics of Large Theropods.  

The study of theropod dinosaurs has been reborn in the past two decades, thanks 
to new analytical methods and spectacular new discoveries around the world.  
But most attention has been directed towards the smaller forms and their 
relationships to living theropods. Significant advances have also been made in 
our understanding of the larger theropods - the tyrannosaurids, abelisaurids, 
allosauroids, spinosauroids, and their relatives.  An improved understanding of 
such giants will clearly help us understand Theropoda as a whole, but they are 
also interesting in their own right, raising questions not approachable with 
smaller theropods.  

This symposium brings together some of the top researchers on these important 
animals.  They will address issues ranging from life history and phylogeny to 
function and comparative anatomy.  

This one-day symposium will take place on Saturday, May 12, and will include 
presentations by:

Christopher Brochu

Matthew Carrano

Hans Larsson

Thomas Holtz

Rodolfo Coria

John Hutchinson

Elizabeth Rega

Peter Makovicky

Leon Claessens

Registration for the symposium will be $15.00.  A reception will be held at the 
Field Museum afterwards.  For more information, contact Chris Brochu at