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Caudipteryx head

Thanks a lot to HP Mickey Mortimer for that details on
Caudipteryx---which reminds me of a little problem I've come across
trying to reconstruct the head of Caudipteryx.
Most reconstructions are similar to each other, looking like the skull
drawn by HP Jaime Headden
(http://dinosauricon.com/images/caudipteryx_skull-jh.html), with a
narrow snout and high forehead.  However, the Gregory S. Paul
reconstruction (seen in the Scientific American book, and at this
(click 'guest access')) is far different.
This Caudipteryx has a much narrower head, with much smaller orbits and
a more sloping brow line than the more orthodox version.  HP Greg Paul
must have had a good reason to reconstruct this dinosaur in such a
strange way.  Does anyone know what this reason was?