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Re: Dinosaur FAQ #9

I wish you luck on writing up this one. But here are a few random thoughts on the subject.
I would add one more term "nomenclature", because it is so fundamental to how we communicate our classifications to one another.
And classification has two different (but related) meanings: (1) the act or process of classifying; and (2) the result of that process (a classification).
I'm not sure how to define phylogeny. Sort of an evolutionary history that attempts to show how the variety of groups evolved and are related to one another. More importantly, phylogeny is what sets most biological classications apart from phenetic classifications (although biologists sometimes use phenetic classifications as well).
Taxonomy is sort of a combination of nomenclature, classification, and phylogeny all rolled together. And systematics is an even broader term, so broad that it would very difficult to come up with one definition that all biologists would agree with.
And cladistics to me has two distinct aspects or components: (1) cladistic analysis, which has revolutionized biological systematics; and (2) cladistic (a.k.a. "phylogenetic") taxonomy. I embrace the latter only to the extent that it is useful, but in it strictest form (the elimination of all paraphyletic groups), it cannot produce classifications that are (in the long run) stable, useful, or natural. This is because strictly phylogenetic taxonomy attempts to only reflect phylogeny, and strips classifications of an important phenetic component (often referred to as divergence). And a classification with only the phylogenetic component cannot be fully natural, useful, or stable. (I think I hear some booes and hisses, so will stop there).
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From: Mike Taylor <mike@tecc.co.uk>
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Subject: Dinosaur FAQ #9
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2001 16:26:28 +0000

Thanks to those who have contributed to the overview of dinosaur
classification, especially after my heartfelt plea for more criticism!
Now it's time for FAQ #9, which is:

      What's the difference between classification, phylogeny,
      systematics and cladistics?

I've not written anything on this subject (because I have only the
fuzziest idea what the answer is), so please send any contributions
directly to me at <mike@tecc.co.uk>

Thanks in advance,

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request that replies come direct to me this time.)

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