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Re: Protoavis and Megalancosaurus - and the ABSRD model of bird origins

David Marjanovic wrote:

> As the ABSRD theory (it sure ain't a hypothesis)

Why? If I correctly remember the relevant page in www.dinosauria.com/jdp, it
is a hypothesis... (Whatever, nobody seems to care. ;-) )

IMHO, just saying another hypothesis is wrong does not, in itself, constitute a hypothesis. That's why (and a little facetiously) I call Feduccia's model Anything-But-a-Small-Running-Dinosaur (ABSRD). As many theropod paleontologists have said: Put up or shut up. Feduccia and friends have yet to propose an explicit alternative to the origin of birds from theropods. All we have from ABSRD is a warm-and-fuzzy notion about some arboreal diapsid from the Triassic which they JUST KNOW existed.

In effect, ABSRD has already concluded how birds evolved. Now
Feduccia, Ruben and others are out looking for fossils that fit their theory. In the 1990's, _Megalancosaurus_ was shoehorned into ABSRD. Now it's _Longisquama_'s turn.



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